Zenith Z160 Luggable PC aquired

Devin lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 15:59:30 CST 2016

Picked this up a while back, just getting around to messing with it. 
Appears to be an IBM XT compatible machine in a portable....err luggable 
size. Dual 360K drives, although the second one does not seem to be 
working. I can get it to boot to dos, but run out of space quite quickly.

Anyone have any experience with these machines, is it possible to 
upgrade the drives in there? There appear to be isa card slots inside, i 
was thinking as a last resort to swap out the floppy controller and put 
some new drives in it. That space limitation is really making it a 
doorstop. I have a parallel port hard drive, but the driver takes up too 
much space and will not fit on the boot disk.




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