AT IBM Industrial's for sale (Ebay warning)

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sun Dec 11 15:45:26 CST 2016

On 12/8/2016 10:49 PM, jim stephens wrote:
> Ebay listing below has the information about them, but we can get them
> direct.  If anyone has any ideas on the shipping charges, Ebay is screwing
> him horribly and help would be appreciated to get them shipped at a better
> rate.
> Thanks
> Jim
Well, I now own 10 of these, plus a friend who minds my warehouse owns 
two.  I would love to know if anyone has info about the Model 7587 
Industrial.  From the other unit I saw online, I am wondering if  need 
setup disks, and if anyone has them.  The fellow who took the others and 
I want to put in whatever drives are required and run Pick, so if setup 
is required, we will need such media to do so.

I found a site that claimed to have an  archive, and chased it into, but the actual zip file didn't have the media.

I did get a hint that the chipset was SiS630 which there are hints 
about, but with the IBM bios I don't have a lot of hopes that does me 
any good.  These are very nice systems for what he does with Pick, as he 
has systems which he's replaced a few times since the mid 80's that will 
keep on chugging just fine on this hardware.


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