SGI Indigo, WTB Power supply? Burning smell?

Devin lyokoboy0 at
Sat Dec 10 22:04:04 CST 2016

I started up my indigo today, it has the same time of day error. The 
chime does play before the message is displayed.


On 12/10/2016 11:55 AM, ethan at wrote:
>> After sniffing the PCBs for a minute or so like bomb dog looking for 
>> a burned resistor or cap.... I got to thinking that the PCBs are 
>> bigger than I remembered. Better than I remembered.
> Found the fried component! A surface mount yellow rectangular 
> capacitor mounted on the bottom of the CPU board, somewhat near the 
> audio DAC section. I wonder if all the similar caps that are on the 
> bottom should be replaced. Maybe one went bad, but if one went then 
> the others might be at risk as well.
> After removing the PSU to open it up, I found that it's the R4K model 
> power supply (Yay!) and there doesn't seem to be anything fried in it.
> One odd thing, and I can't remember my SGI enough. I get the TOD clock 
> error on the Indigo, and I get no startup chime tune sound. It had 
> kind of a sputtering tick from the speaker (perhaps the fried cap is 
> in the audio section.) Anyone know if the chime should play before the 
> time of day clock error?
> -- 
> Ethan O'Toole

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