Megatek Series 7000 Graphics System?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sat Dec 10 02:58:36 CST 2016


I've got a card cage full of cards that seems to be a Megatek Graphics
Subsystem. I've found a board with coaxial connectors that seems to be
the Video Output Board, a CPU build out of two stacked cards, one with 8
pcs. AM2901BC and some Memory..

One fo the card(stacks) has front connectors looking like Unibus (or

There is no PSU attached to the card cage.

After googeling around I think the thing is related to a Megatek 7250
graphics Terminal mentioned here an there..but no pictures could be

Is there soemone that has more informations about that thing?
The megatek is an a bad shape, Crystal oscillators are heavyly corroded
on the outside, it sat for 20+ years somewhere on the Attic.

I'll make some Pictures next week ..



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