SGI Indigo, WTB Power supply? Burning smell?

ethan at ethan at
Fri Dec 9 22:23:30 CST 2016

> I have a indigo that is not getting much use. I believe it has the R4000
> with the better power supply, and maxed out ram.(whatever that may be, i
> want to say 192 Mb, but i coud be mistaken, i can fire it up and verify if
> needed) I have not used it much. Prom battery is dead, i used to jump it
> with a AAA battery temporally to get past a Time error at startup, but
> never got around to soldering a proper battery into it. It should have the
> maxed out memory, as well as the keyboard and mouse to go along with it.

I just pulled mine apart after digging around online. So far, the PSU is 
actually the R4K model (to my surprise) and nothing is smelling roasted 
inside of it. It's interesting that the followup mentions the fan from the 
PSU. I wonder....

> I am in the process of paying off 2 SGI onyx 2's, if the indigo with the
> keyboard and mouse would be of interest, i can sell it to you to put money
> twords my Onyx fund.

I'm going to try to repair mine first, but if all else fails I will let 
you know!

Ethan O'Toole

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