PDP-8 OS/8 versions

Charles Dickman chd at chdickman.com
Fri Dec 9 17:59:42 CST 2016

Has anyone ever described the OS/8 version history?

I have some DECtapes that are V3D and I have found some RX01 images
from the V3D Combined Kit. The programs that are common to both are
different versions, so V3D changed over time.

Then there were the DECmates and there were changes made to support
them. I see V4 referenced.

There are also some sources online, but it isn't clear how they
correspond to the usable device images.

I have been looking at these online resources mostly, but I have found others.


Are there other better resources? Are there source distributions in
the original state for example?

>From what I have seen, the combined kit has the best support for the
PDP-8/e and its devices. That's the hardware I have and so that is
what I am concentrating on.

Hoping to trigger some conversation.


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