AT IBM Industrial's for sale (Ebay warning)

jim stephens james.w.stephens at
Fri Dec 9 00:49:07 CST 2016

I have contact with a motivated seller who has a huge bunch of IBM
Industrial systems to sell.  They are Model 7587, and were used on the
Kansas Turnpike to run printers and the like (maybe other stuff).

he has about 50 of the things and has them listed for $15 bucks, but is
motivated to sell any / all.

If anyone wants a nice AT system with 4 slots and power supply this would
be one to get.  It has a single board computer type system card in it, so I
suspect the backplane is passive.  I have a friend working on the full
documentation, as he did sell them a long time ago.  He said they were made
for IBM by a company which also sold a lot of the stuff, Par (sp?)

Contact me and I'll put you in direct contact with Ron.  He is moving and
has to get rid of them or trash them.  I don't have room for them all or
I'd store them and parcel them out of my warehouse.

Ebay listing below has the information about them, but we can get them
direct.  If anyone has any ideas on the shipping charges, Ebay is screwing
him horribly and help would be appreciated to get them shipped at a better


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