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On 12/6/2016 8:46 AM, Brad H wrote:
> I kind of thought that might be a possibility.  I might just let things lie for a while.. I was concerned about stock disappearing, didn't think about price tripling.  Not sure I want to spend $1400 for 1K of RAM on a clone.:)
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> I do notice these "schlock" IC sellers actually raise the price the more "hits" they get on an item.  So your shopping around will actually make the price worse and my even cause your earlier vendors to raise their price when you finally do place an order.
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Most of these guys will deal.  I don't know if you have approached them 
with a story or with an offer, but you can usually get them to make a 
deal.  If you have details on it, contact me and I'll send you my 
friend's contact info and see if he can get you something if your own 
efforts fail.  I've known him now for 40 years and find him to be one of 
the "good guys".

I spent a lot of time in his office when the fax machine would fire 2 or 
3 times a minute and have a pile of 100 or 200 pages of wants or haves 
backed up he's have to look at.  Wading thru that and making money is 
why they are so weird in pricing and dealing.

He would always treat me fair though when I had something as he knew my 
needs weren't for a deal that could ultimately yield a huge payback, and 
I'd be restoring some old equipment.  Some don't care just want a buck.

You need to realize most people who will buy schlock parts will most 
likely be repairing a board for some alphabet agency or entity who 
probably is having to pay $1000 or $2000 / board to get back in 
business, with ancient unobtaininum parts on board.  There is a lot of 
this going on that isn't out there unless you are in the business, or 
unless you see the $5000 odd board for the old DEC box and wonder why 
the hell they are so expensive.

I've had some people with really high prices respond in the last year to 
reasonable offers for some rare stuff when I tell them what I plan to do 
with it.

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