HP1631D Logic Analyzer..Software???

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Mon Dec 5 17:33:18 CST 2016

On 12/5/2016 2:31 PM, Holm Tiffe wrote:
>> Hey Holm;
>> I'm _pretty sure_ I have the Z80 disassembler for the 1630. I have a 1630G
>> and a 9121, but unfortunately I was never able to get the 1631 to talk to
>> the 9121 - I don't know if the drive was bad as I have no other way to
>> test it.
>> Has anyone else gotten you an image of this? if not I can try and figure
>> out a way to image it.
>>    - JP
> No, I don't have gotten something off list jet.
> I've heard from a friend that another friend that died in the menatime, had
> managed to copy HP9121 disks on a plain PC with something like Super Copy.
> The drive was used on some HP Computer that controlled a PCB assembly
> system from Siemens in his case and that is from where my Drive is
> coming from.
> Additionally I've read somewhere that it should be possible to write
> such disks on Linux with some utils, but I haven't had the time jet to do
> some experiments myself.
> I have an FreeBSD Computer with 3,5 and 5,25 inch floppy drives in the
> same room as the 1631D, maybe I could try this tomorrow.
> What's the problem with your drive? Set the Drives Address to 2, this is
> the default and check the peripherals menu again it the drive could be
> found. I've fiddeled around for some time until I got it going...
> Regards,
> Holm

     Aren't these 1630D diskettes in 
HP's LIF format?   There are LIF 
utilities for the PC to read / write 
diskettes for the 9121.  I've done it 
and have all the hardware and software 
in working order -- just not readily 
available for awhile.

     Like you, Holm, I've a 1630D as 
well as 1630G I'd love to find these 
disassemblers for.   Would be useful to 
collect as many as can be found and put 
on Bitsavers.

- J.

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