HP 9872 Refurbishment

Craig Ruff cruff at ruffspot.net
Mon Dec 5 12:20:58 CST 2016

I hauled out my second 9872C today to clean it of rodent leavings and to scavenge the high voltage chart hold power supply board for my first 9872C.

The table has some gouges in the surface, which appears to be a plastic film adhered to the table surface.  Does anyone have experience repairing gouges, or found a suitable replacement film?

Also, since I have it apart, I thought it might be good to image the firmware ROM set.  They are marked Mostek MK36647N-5 and MK36648N-5, along with the HP part numbers.  From the schematic, they appear to be 5V 8KB ROMs, so nothing fancy should be required to read the contents.  It appears these might be MK36000N-5 mask programmed ROMs?

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