Intel iUP-201 repair

John S john_a_s2004 at
Fri Dec 2 19:03:29 CST 2016


I have an Intel iUP-201 EPROM programmer which is giving a 'Power Supply Failure' error. I think it is failing a self check for one of the output voltages from one of its uA723 precision regulators, which are set from resistor networks and multi-turn pots.

I have checked all the electrolytic caps and they seem fine, and voltages from the linear power supply look reasonable. I have a user manual but no schematic or service manual, so am a bit in the dark as to where the problem is.

I found a range of similar manuals here:

Please can anyone with further documents for the iUP-201 (or similar iUP-200) please get in touch,



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