DEC Papertape Readers

simon simski at
Sat Nov 28 02:34:20 CST 2015

Oh a paper organ. they are quite common in The Netherlands, although the 
tunes they play are mostly horrible. the books as they call them are 
suited to a specific machine and sometimes wider or smaller.

the predate computers at least 80 years.

On 27-11-15 16:14, Liam Proven wrote:
> On 27 November 2015 at 13:44, Holm Tiffe <holm at> wrote:
>> ..a friend forwarded something that look very similar to them, looks as if
>> DEC cloned them in some way ..
>> :-)
> Very nice!
> But that looks like the roll (book, whatever) equivalent of a lace
> card. I'm amazed it held together enough to play, and I suspect it's
> not going to survive more than a handful of plays at best.

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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