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Sorry I am in India and just have the mobile at present. Try


But not sure if URL is OK.....
list of  groups please!?!   neat!  Ed#

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There  are a couple of Yahoo groups for Selectric Typewriters and some have
the  docs for the IO selectrics.
On Nov 22, 2015 6:51 PM, "Mike Ross"  <tmfdmike at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have an I/O Selectric device  which is badged as, and was originally, an
> IBM 2970 Reservation  Terminal.
> For better or worse, it was one of those bought up  in the late 1970s by a
> company called 'Western I/O", based out of  Scottsdale Arizona. They
> converted them for home use. One version used  a Motorola 6800 to make a
> nifty-sounding terminal with selectable baud  rates etc. I appear to have
> the 'other' version; a cheap and nasty  printer-only conversion with some
> form of parallel  port.
> Anybody else got one? Docs about them? Parts?  Schematics? I'd like to get
> hold of one of the 'proper' terminal  conversion versions... Must be some
> squirreled away in  garages!
> Alternatively, any doc on the original 2970? There's  an incredible dearth
> of information about what we're once very common  devices...

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