WD9000 Pascal microengine schematics available

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Tue Nov 10 18:23:27 CST 2015

On 11/10/15 3:56 PM, Brad Parker wrote:
> fyi:  from the 6502 faq:
> /* How do you turn bitmaps into polygons?/
> We draw them in our custom Python app.  We spent about two months looking at automatic vectorization and using the bitmaps to create polygon fragments, but neither of these was better than just
> sitting down and clicking out the polygons.  It's almost essential to have our own vector drawing app, so we can control snapping, do fancy copy-paste, get good vector data, and greatly speed up the
> work.

> /* How did automatic vectorization fail?/
> It was more work to clean up the results of automatic vectorization than to do clean work in the first place.  Damage, dirt, and ambiguous or falsely detected features in the chip die shots create
> problems.  We also rely on finding and modelingburied contacts <http://www.intel4004.com/buried.htm>like they would appear in the original fabrication masks, not like they appear in silicon.  This is
> very difficult, if not impossible, to do automatically.
> I'm not surprised by this.  So in the end, a human brain figured out where the polygons are.  It might be a fun "internet distributed" project to farm out sections to lots of people and then assemble
> the results...
> -brad

you may want to check out

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