RSX-11M-PLUS SYSGEN printouts

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Sat Nov 7 18:14:31 CST 2015

On 2015-11-07 23:29, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 07, 2015 at 02:39:09AM +0100, Johnny Billquist wrote:
>> On 2015-11-07 00:00, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>>> An 11/84 I bought came with a couple of RSX-11M-PLUS V4.3 SYSGEN printouts; I
>>> don't intend to run RSX on the machine, so is there any use to this printout,
>>> or should I recycle it? If someone has a use for it, I'd be happy to send it
>>> to them.
>> I'd seriously doubt there is any interest in such printouts. They
>> will essentially tell you how the system was generated - which
>> options, devices, and so on... How interesting is that?
> If you needed to regenerate install for said system, would it be useful?
> Or is everything in the docs?

How to do a SYSGEN is well documented in the manuals. The specifics for 
that SYSGEN is like a documentation (hopefully) of the actual hardware 
that was available on that specific machine, and potentially specific 
options that were chosen at that SYSGEN. I can't see much worth in 
either of those two details. That could possibly be interesting to 
someone who would want to document the history of the machine or the 
workplace where this was used. Ie. a rather non-technical interest, and 
more of a documentation of history kind of thing - possibly...?


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