Announcing TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Sat Nov 7 10:02:14 CST 2015

Well, about two weeks since my last announcement, but I figured I should 
do another one.

I've cut a new release of TCP/IP for RSX, and I encourage everyone to 
update to this latest release.

A short list of changes since my last release:

. I've worked some on the documentation, and filled out some parts that 
were previously TBD.

. Performance improvements. In general, I've improved file transfer 
performance by about 20% by tuning when TCP ACK messages as well as 
window updates are sent. On links where packets are dropped from time to 
time, the performance improvements can be significantly higher.
. Bugfix. Retry counter were incorrectly reset under some circumstances.
. Bugfix. TCP did not resend an ACK if the same data was received twice.
. Bugfix. TCP sockets could erronously be left in a closed state with
   no task. However, looking at the socket, it looked like a task was

. Size calculation for stream type files in RSX mode was done incorrectly.

. I've included a precompiled version of PCL.TSK

As usual, the distribution is available from:

The documentation is also available through ftp on Mim, or also at


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