PDP-11/45-55 CPU fan assemblies

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Nov 7 07:50:18 CST 2015

Hi, all: I recently bought a PDP-11/45 [well, a /55, to be technical; the /45,
/50 and /55 are completely identical except for i) the memory options
installed at purchase, and ii) the printing on the front console :-], but
alas, when I looked closely, it is missing both upper and lower CPU fan
assemblies. (No doubt, removed to allow cannabilization of the fans, to keep
another machine running.)

(For those who aren't familiar, these are long brackets to which a number of
the usual square fans are bolted; one is placed above, and one below, the
cards in the main pull-out rack of the CPU. The one on top is hinged along the
long edge, so it can be rolled back out out of the way, for running cables to

So, does anyone i) have a spare set they don't want (I know, I know, I know,
p < .00001, but maybe a miracle will happen); ii) have a set they can lend me
so that I can get the sheet-metal part copied (I might get a spare or two made
at the same time, depending on price, so we have some on hand); iii) failing
all of the above, be willing to take lots of pictures, and some measurements,
of a set, to aid in making reproductions.

Thanks (hopefully :-)!


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