Teletype services

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Nov 5 13:17:07 CST 2015

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015, John Ball wrote:
> I've been trying for the past week to verify that telephony on my teletype
> machine (model 33) is functioning properly but the biggest hurdle I am
> running into is I have nothing to easily dial into. Everyone I know off hand
> either don't have a modem anymore or theirs is a Winmodem which won't work.
> There's only one phone line into the residence here and those bluetooth to
> cellular POTS bridges are too lossy to make do and connect to a machine
> here. There is that youtube video of the model 37 apparently connecting to a
> system at the Living Computer Museum in 2013 (MikoF6KZjm0) where they dialed
> into a BBS I've never seen listed anywhere but the number listed no longer
> seems to work and in the description it states the service is no longer
> available. What other public systems are still out there that will work this
> speed or possibly better yet, is there anyone out there willing to try a
> teletype-to-teletype conversation?

Is yours ASCII or "Baudot"? (there are some issues of the correct name for 

Some non-computer organizations still have TTY/TDD service for deaf users. 
That traditionally was "Baudot" at low speed, and some still work.  Some 
are still posted/advertised, but not all are working.  There are still 
some "relay" services available that are a live operator with a voice line 
and a TTY.

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