FFS Old HP Designjet Plotter stand - 24 inch

steve shumaker shumaker at att.net
Sun May 31 14:36:46 CDT 2015

Before it goes to recycling, figured I 'd offer it here in case someone 
out there needs one.  I have a plotter stand for the old HP Designjet 
units such as 650, 750 etc* in 24" width*.  Set includes all the metal 
parts including the wire frame paper basket and the little plastic clip 
that goes on the front edges of the paper tray. Mounting screws are long 
gone but they are standard thread screws (and still available from HP if 
you *really* want to give away lots of pennies).  Hardware is used but 
in good condition.  Free for shipping from 95006 in two medium to large 
boxes.   I will get a cost for anyone interested.


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