Dec pdp 11/44 for sale

Rod rdooley at
Fri May 29 13:06:43 CDT 2015

I have been on this list for a long time as a reader and wanted to give the
list a heads up on this system before 

doing anything else in case somebody wants it and can pick it up.



Cabinet 1:

Quickware Engineering QED-95 CPU replacement 

2- TU-58 tape drives


Cabinet 2:


RX02 floppies


Cabinet 3:

2- RL02 disk drives

1-MDI 76-contains 1 Maxtor XT8760EM 760 Meg HD


Cabinet 4:

2-RL02 disk drives

1-MDI 276-contains two Maxtor XT8760EM 760 Meg HDs



I am asking US$3000.00 for the four cabinets. I can't guarantee anything but
it was turned off working fine.


The buyer would have the option of buying up to 18 RL02K-DC data carts for
US$25 each


Shipping is probably not an option they are about 300lbs + each


I am located in Kelowna BC Canada about 3hrs north of Spokane Washington..

Preference would have to go to someone that could come and get it.


Pictures are here



Rdooley at shaw dot ca




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