Old HP test equipment power connectors...

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed May 27 16:18:50 CDT 2015

I did a little checking today--I compared a male 163-type receptacle 
with a C14 receptacle.  The mounting ear holes appear to have the same 
spacing; the C14 is about 3/4" thick, where the 163 (metal shell) is 
about 1/2" thickness, so you'd need to enlarge the mounting holes about 
1/8"  on the top and bottom.  The 163 is a bit wider, but not enough to 
matter--you'll have to square off the hole corners, as the shell of a 
163 is oval, not rectangular.

All in all, if done carefully, there's no indication that anyone could 
tell if a modification had been made.

Since a lot of my stuff runs from C13-equipped power strips, is it 
possible to get a ready-made line cord with a C14 on one end and a C5 or 
C7 on the other?


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