Online Access to Running AOS/VS Offered

Stephen Merrony steve at
Sun May 24 06:13:47 CDT 2015

I've had a lot of help from all over the world getting my Data General 
MV/2500 up and running, so it's time to give a little back...

I am now able to provide on-line access to my operational MV/2500 DC to 
individuals who make reasonable requests for it.

Currently the machine is running AOS/VS 7.70 and has little other than 
the base software installed, although most of the NADGUG library 
contents is available.

I am not willing to run the MV/2500 24x7, so operational times will be 
by mutual agreement. I strongly suggest using DasherQ to connect.  
Access is via telnet provided by a Raspberry Pi acting as a 
serial-to-network gateway to real serial ports (I don't have TCP/IP on 
the machine yet).

If anyone would like access to the machine please email me stating why 
you would like access (even if it is just for nostalgia!) and what time 
zone you are in.


/Stephen Merrony
Email: steve at

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