HP 9144A and three QIC tapes available for free

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at ymail.com
Sat May 23 05:02:26 CDT 2015

Hi list,

3 years ago, I picked up an HP 9144A QIC tape drive with HP-IB interface. It came with three 16-track QIC tape drives. I never found the time to connect it to my HP 9000-300 and realized that I will probably never make use of it, which is why I'd like to give it to some other collector's hands who is interested. I powered up the drive for 2 hours, no smoke, the fan was running as expected. Nothing else tested.

Picture of the actual three tapes which come with the drive: 

I forgot to take pictures of the drive, but will do it, as soon as I can access it next week again.
In the mean time, here is another one of the tape drive (not mine):


The drive weights 9kg (20 lbs).
First come, first serve. Drive and tapes are for free. You have to pay shipping costs or come to pick it up. Location is Bonn, Germany.

Kind regards,

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