8-bit Computer TV Channel Use

Terry Stewart terry at webweavers.co.nz
Fri May 22 23:45:03 CDT 2015

>What are you doing for the PSU
>(the computer ran off the SMPSU in the monitor IIRC)?

The cable "kit" came with a stand-alone PSU. This works fine.

Yes, I don't know what the problem is.  It could be the cheap "no-brand"
SCART <--> composite video/s-video converter (the signal can go either
way).  Anyway, it's better to have the genuine screen, so I'm glad I'm
getting that.

Terry (Tez)

On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 4:32 PM, tony duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> > Yes, video is tricky.  I've just had an experience which emphasizes the
> > topic under discussion.
> The main problems stem from the fact that these computers output anything
> but broadcast-standard video. In some cases it was because they were built
> to a price and it was 'what can we get away with'. In others it was more a
> case
> of getting extra features (like colour) almost for free.
> > Just recently I got hold of an Amstrad CPC 464.
> > http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/collection/amstradcpc464.htm
> Incidentally, one of the better things (for me) about Amstrad machines
> is that service manuals existed for them. Said manuals are essentially
> a schematic and a parts list, but that is all that is normally needed.
> Certainly
> for the older machines (all the CPCs and PCWs and the earlier PCs) they are
> not just boardswapper guides.
> > It didn't come with its screen though (dedicated screens were sold with
> the
> > machine). However British enthusiasts had developed an RGB to SCART cable
> What are you doing for the PSU (the computer ran off the SMPSU in the
> monitor
> IIRC)?
> > for this very problem. Problem for me was that although SCART is a common
> > video interface in Europe, it's rare in New Zealand. However I noted
> there
> One problem with SCART (and I don't think it's the cause of your problems)
> is that
> it is several interfaces on one connector. In particular there is
> composite video,
> RGB video (using the composite pin for sync) and later S-video (using the
> composite pin for Y and IIRC the 'red' pin for C). Not all devices
> implement all
> parts of the interface. In particular UK TVs almost always have the RGB
> inputs,
> VCRs did not.
> The CPC output is RGB video, and AFAIK the CPC-SCART cable is a simple
> cable
> with perhaps level-shifting resistors inside. So it will use the RGB pins
> on the
> SCART connector.
> -tony

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