Reading/Verifying the Intel 8041A

John Robertson jrr at
Thu May 21 00:59:24 CDT 2015

On 05/20/2015 7:15 PM, Richard B. Main, Esq. wrote:
> The Intel AFN-00188B Datasheets for 8041A/8741A specify that EA max is
> 24.5V. The verify mode for "PROM/ROM" holds EA high at 23V.
> The 8048/8748 Datasheets say EA is 32V for 8748 Verify but need only be
> +12V for 8048.
> Richard
Speaking of old textbooks, something people need to keep an eye out for 
are old parts catalogues put out by the large parts distributors of yore.

I have an Electrosonic Catalogues (Canada - 600 some pages of 
components!) from the late 60s and it is great because they have 
unarchived specifications on many of the early solid state and EM parts 
- many of which are used in older computers. One spec sheet I found was 
a comparison sheet of CDS cells that were common in 1969 and gave their 
range of specs - handy!

The advantage for me is I use these to get the specs on old parts that I 
am trying to repair, or replace with more modern parts. At one time 
E-Sonic had a few PDFs of these early manuals online, but they seem to 
have hidden them since the last time I visited their site. And I just 
did a bit of a search using's wayback machine and can't find 
the year when they did have those on their site...

John :-#)#

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