ROM dumps of Intel MDS-2 IOC

Dave Mabry dmabry at
Wed May 20 03:53:34 CDT 2015

Eric Smith wrote on 5/17/2015 9:34 PM:

> As have I. I found that the IOC firmware has undocumented 0dh and 0eh 
> commands. Command 0x0d allows the main CPU to write to arbitrary IOC 
> memory, and is probably for diagnostics, but is not allowed unless IOC 
> RAM location 5af4h contains the value 24h, and I haven't figured out 
> how that can be made to happen, since you can't use command 0x0d to 
> set it if it isn't already set. I haven't yet figured out what command 
> 0eh does. Best regards, Eric 

Perhaps this document will be of use.  I don't think I've passed it 
along.  At one time I had a pretty good source for internal 
information.  Friends who worked in the development teams...


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