Place of manufacture for DEC equipment?

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be aware there was a DEC  terminal plant here in phx az   late  70s  early  
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The  serial number can be broken into 3 areas...

The first two digits  indicate the country of Manufacture

AY = Ayr, Scotland
BK =  Germany
GA = Galway, Ireland
IQ = Somewhere else
NI = Salem, New  Hampshire, USA
PC = Irvine, Scotland
KA = Kanata, Ontario, Canada
CX  = Colorado Springs, CO, USA
WF = Westfield, MA, USA
AB = Albuquerque,  NM, USA

The 3rd Digit indicates the year

7 = 1997   8 = 1998        9 = 1999     etc.

The 4th & 5th digits indicate the week of  manufacture from

01 = 1st week in January
12 = 12th  week after January 1st (End of March)
20 = Mid April
For a rough  calculate take 4 weeks to the month

The remaining digits indicate  the run number.

00005 =        The 5th one made  at this plant
00100 =        The 100th one made at this  plant

>From the fog in my head...

Dan Snyder, Butler,  PA

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Subject: Place of manufacture for DEC  equipment?

Is there a way to identify which DEC plant manufactured  a specific piece 
equipment? I'm certainly aware of the Maynard,  Massachusetts label on my 
equipment and I'm pretty sure I've seen DEC  Kanata, Canada on flipchip 
handles. Maybe even PR serial numbers on  computers built in Puerto Rico.

Can anyone supply any more extensive  and/or detailed information?


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