8-bit Computer TV Channel Use

Mark J. Blair nf6x at nf6x.net
Tue May 19 15:03:55 CDT 2015

I've been brainstorming about hypothetical hardware for converting video from vintage 8-bit computers to drive modern monitors well, with support for all of the dirty tricks like color aliasing that many of them used. One of the things I would like to understand is the range of RF frequencies used by the machines that connected to ordinary televisions. 

My old Color Computer used US VHF channels 3 or 4 for NTSC video. I found a reference to the ZX Spectrum using UK UHF channel 35 for PAL video. 

What other channels were used all over the world by 8-bit home computers (and video games, too, I suppose), and which TV standards were used with them?

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