EPROM dumps for HP Draftmaster II 7596A

Martin Peters martin at shackspace.de
Tue May 19 05:56:56 CDT 2015

Hi Ethan!

Ethan Dicks:
> I looked at the machine today - unfortunately, it's sealed up with
> torx and I didn't have the right tools with me.  Also, I'm not sure
> what panels I have to remove to get fast access to where the EPROMs
> are.  Can you send a photo of where the board is located?  I haven't
> found a link to a service manual, but that would be helpful too, if
> there's one out there.

Jocki (the guy engaged in repairing the Draftmaster) sent me this link:


I haven't been in the shackspace (our local hackerspace) for weeks, but
I disassembled the housing for the controller board years ago to take
photos of the electronic, but I didn't document the disassembling itself.
I remember that it was not necessary to diassemble it completely to have
a look inside. I think, Jocki can tell you some details.

Jocki is not on the list. So I'd like to redirect the discussion to him
via PM. Is this ok?

Martin Peters
martin.peters at news.uni-stuttgart.de

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