Question about HP3000 weight

Mon May 18 19:48:58 CDT 2015

Johannes Thelen -    and others... HP-3000 Series II?   series II??  We 
would pay handsomely  for one.
We  found our  backup archive  set of HP-3000  software -  heh heh all 
kinds of  software  including  FORUM/3000  which was a  multi user  100  
seperate boards bulletin board,   electronic  mail,  electronic  poll and voting 
system, multi user  chat   rooms...  
( this was all pre  Internet  so it  was  way   cool  back then! 
just  gotta   read the   tapes....  amazed...  this   grouping of  tapes   
was an off site  storage  I had  forgotten about and    re found in the  
back closet  at the house... had  not seen it in over 23 years..
I  am  really  hot on getting e  series II or  II  back   to have one at 
the SMECC museum here in Arizona as it was   one of  my  favorite machines but 
also  we have the    giant  plug in front panel for it that shows all 
registers  that the  customer  engineer would  bring out in a suit case to  
really  get  down and dirty....
We have the  series II and III interface board as well as the   HP-3000 CX  
series  interface board  which is a separate  item..  see   to   see it  hooked to
HP 3000 WACC-B from U Wisconsin 
Used by Marlys Nelson -  HP-3000 Programmer Extraordinaire!  this  photo 
was  shot   after we  even had  retired the system  was using a series  48  
with  303 meg drives  I  kept in next to my desk and  would test  boards in 
it....   When the panel was   active on the  III  with users on it  it was  
fun to throw  it into single step  BEWRAHHAHHAHH!!!AA!!!
Ed Sharpe  Archvisit  for SMECC

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> the big one of this donate  is HP3000 Series III! :D

Finding software for the Series II and  III has been extremely difficult
so please try to find any that was  associated with the  machine.

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