Memory options for an HP 1000 (HP 21MX / 2112A)

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Sun May 17 23:42:04 CDT 2015

My soon to arrive HP 2112 has a 2102A memory controller and 3x 2102A cards
of 8k memory each. I suppose I could add more 2102As to fill it up the 5
remaining slots and bring it up to 64k. But the recently posted IO manual
says it can support way more - up to 1.28M. I'm not sure yet how the HP 1000
memory works. Can I put larger (>8k) capacity HP 1000 memory boards in there
to expand memory beyond 64k? Do I need to replace the memory controller with
one that matches the larger capacity cards then?

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