Weird stuff has a TI 810 (also if anyone has token ring wiring)

Sean Caron scaron at
Sun May 17 11:58:20 CDT 2015

I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you're just doing short
little runs within a vintage computer room in your home or something like
that, you can directly pin the 9-pin D-sub over to 8P8C and make short runs
with common unshielded Cat V cable and it should work fine. I did this all
the time when I was in high school to connect old MCA PS/2 machines with
the IBM token ring adapters (9 pin D-sub) to various old 8P8C MAUs that I
had acquired. I can't speak to dealing with those funky IBM connectors;
never worked with those.



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> > Subject: Weird stuff has a TI 810 (also if anyone has token ring wiring)
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> > There is a white cased TI 810 at Weird Stuff in the AS IS room. Probably
> > cheap.  Of course unknown condition.
> >
> > Got some very nice Token ring equipment from an IBM facility of some
> sort.
> > will be using for Hercules setups.
> >
> > I'll need some balun's for the RJ45 (ibm version) to the DB9 if anyone
> has an
> > idea of the hookup.  I'd like to figure out if I can wire this w/o using
> the token
> > ring cables, since I have what appears to be a bridge unit. I'll have to
> research
> > that though.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Jim
> Jim,
>  Is there a part number on the "bridge" unit? Typically the IBM units just
> switch the stations it and out of the ring.
> Dave

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