3.5 floppy imaging

supervinx supervinx at libero.it
Sun May 17 02:06:52 CDT 2015

Il giorno sab, 16/05/2015 alle 20.32 -0700, steve shumaker ha scritto:
> I'm looking for a tool to do a bunch of 3.5 floppy imaging using a linux 
> or a windows box.... Media is all early PC stuff.    Any thoughts, 
> comments, tools of choice?
> Is IMD the format of choice for these as well or is there something else 
> for the newer formats?
> Steve
If they are just plain old dos format (DD or HD) dd under linux will do
it's dirty work...
But dd doesn't handle defective errors, it stops there.
So you can try ddrescue also.

The resulting image is a sector copy of the disk, and it can be used in
Dosbox or other DOS emulation systems.

If the disks have unusual format, protection schemes, it would be better
to set up a pure DOS machine (no VMs like Windows DOS boxes) and use IMD
or the proprietary format Teledisk.

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