Intellec MDS available in Twin Cities MN

Richard B. Main, Esq. mainpatents at
Sat May 16 19:28:20 CDT 2015

Am I too late? Still available for sale?


I really need some cash and some space, so it's time for my Intel Intellec
MDS gear to find a new home. I inherited this kit some years ago, and know
almost nothing about it - in fact, I'm even confused as to the correct
model number; 'experts disagree', it's either an MDS-225 or MDS-800.

It's a large white cube, about 20" on a side, with a CRT, one 8" floppy and
a number of plug-in boards. There is also a blue Intel dual 8" drive, one
seriously heavy-duty keyboard, a few cables and a bevy of 8" floppy discs.
I also have an ICE pod for it, somewhere..

It has never been powered-up once since I've had it, though it was
apparently 'working fine' when retired sometime in the early-mid 1990s.
Cosmetics are very good, it's no ugly duckling by any stretch.

Photos will appear as I'm able to move it to a location with sufficient

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