ROM dumps of Intel MDS-2 IOC

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I have an MDS-225 on a breadboard for easy access.  I bought it in
pieces and now getting it going. I believe I may be able to dump all
the EPROMS in my Pro-Log M980 and het hexfiles over USB-232 to my
WINDOWS laptop to email to you.

I just got the Intel 2708 personality module for the Pro-Log and not
sure its working.

On the built in CRT, Intel used the Ball Brothers TV120 with an early
VGA interface. It is TTL with /VERT, HORIZ, and VIDEO. You can wire up
a modern DB25 VGA monitor to the IOC and hook each of R G B through
270 ohm resistors to IOC VIDEO. maybe need to invert the vertical


I'm looking for the images of ROMs installed on the IOC (I/O controller)
board of Intel MDS-2 development systems. In particular I'm looking for
the content of the character generator ROM (A19-2708) and of firmware
ROMs (A50 to A53-4x2716). So far I had no success in googling them.
My goal would be to contribute a good emulation of MDS systems to MESS,
especially for what regards the look of the video terminal. Well, this
is the plan, when "real-life" is not inteferring too much...

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