Large batch of DEC flip chips

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at
Thu May 14 06:36:35 CDT 2015

Here's the opportunity to buy&save batches of DEC flip chip modules.
It must be several thousands, I estimate the total weight of the boxes 
to over 100kg.
Most are "red" logic series, but other colors are there too.
Apparently they are plugged from different machine types, maybe even 
PDP-10s or -12s.

Of course I'm greedy!

But while we have a PDP-12 and some DECtapes here, this amount is mostly 
useless and will occupy much precious space until the end of my days.

So question: Is there any reasonable demand for flip chips in the community?
And more difficult: any hint about the price I can offer?

Thanks for your opinion,

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