DEC equipment looking for a new home

Dan Merrill dan.merrill at
Wed May 13 08:38:58 CDT 2015

Here's the list of equipment. 


I also have the keyboards, mice, cables, media, manuals, etc. 


                Hardware                                            Model
Number                 Serial Number                   Comments

                AXP 3000 Model 500S                     D5-PE500-AB
AB2420476G                       very heavy (~55 lbs?) 

                 (internal boards were static bagged separately from system
when moved from original location at work) 

                MicroVAX 3100                                 DV-31ATB-B-A01
KA037D0073                       - no other details - 

                DEC Concentrator (FDDI)              DEFCN-BC
AS24103079                        1 - 4 Port card and cables 

                DEC FDDI Controller (PCI)             DEFPA-UA
TA52900037                        never used, w/ driver disk 

                DEC FDDI Controller (PCI)             DEFPA-UA
TA55000002                        never used, w/ driver disk 

                VT320 Amber monitor                   TA927Y4967 (?)
59333248                             - in VERY GOOD condition - 

                VRT19 Color monitor                      VRT19-HA Rev B01
IS336820281                       very heavy (~78 lbs?) 



I cannot ship anything, if you can't pick it up at my house, you'll have to
pay shipping. 


Let me know. 



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