Bell Labs TOPES

Kirk B Davis kirkbdavis at
Tue May 12 22:11:45 CDT 2015

The youtube video description says 1978 and going to say it looks impressive for the time but at the end if the video says 1983.

On May 12, 2015 at 7:54 PM, "Jason T" <silent700 at> wrote:
>A new AT&T video out today showing their (at the time, the Bell
>System's) internal CAD and messaging system, TOPES:
>Not a lot of info out there about it but it appears to have run on
>DEC-10 machines.  There are a none of those to be seen in the video
>but there are a few AT&T/Teletype Dataspeed and Tektronix 
>Interesting early collaboration system that probably never left 
>Bell -
>did anyone here work with it?

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