HP board id?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue May 12 20:30:08 CDT 2015

It seems over the years I acquired more than a just a few of these (two
types of) boards for the HP1000. I'm pretty certain they all came from a
batch of about twenty HP 1000 series systems I got that were decommissioned
from military use. They do not seem to be HP in origin, and I don't have any
clue what they are for. Mostly they seem to be stuffed with large numbers of
op amps and some line drivers. Perhaps just flight line testing or ATP?


If no one thinks these are of any use. they will be scavenged for bus driver
chips. But I'd hate to do that if they might be historical or "interesting".


A few pictures of each board are at www.ezwind.net/hp-unk

I tossed in the "-" because hpunk just looked wrong ;)


Educated guesses?







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