Running a Z8-02 MPD on a breadboard

Holm Tiffe holm at
Tue May 12 09:23:15 CDT 2015

Eric Smith wrote:

> Some time back I acquired a Zilog Z8-02 MPD. This is the bond-out
> version of the Z8 microcontroller. The normal Z8 contained 2K of

Just for your Interest, I have a bunch of old east german U8820 and U8840
processors wich is the same thing in Quad Inline Plastic housing.
I've build an LED-Clock out of one of them that gets time and date from the
german Time Transmitter DCF77 at 77.5Khz.

The U8820 supports an external 2K Eprom (2716) and the U8840 4K (2732).
There was an DIL 40 version with internal basic interpreter simila to
Zilogs, but different.

In that thread from the german Forum you can find pics
from a similar clock with this chip.


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