HP-1000 and PDP computer parts available

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Mon May 11 23:53:20 CDT 2015

Perfect timing! My new old HP 1000 is coming in a few days and it's missing
some of the cards you have. I'll take your HP 1000 cards if we can agree on
price. I will contact you off-line.

>From: HP Friedrichs <hpfparts at yahoo.com>
>Subject: HP-1000 and PDP computer parts available
>I have a sizable collection of HP-1000 circuit cards, as well as a couple
>of PDP cards. 
>They take up a lot of space in my workshop, so I'd like to find a home for
>Please see my web site here for a complete list of parts:
>The H.P. Friedrichs (AC7ZL) Homepage
>Thanks and 73,PeteAC7ZL
> View on www.hpfriedrichs.com 

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