Dead RF31 DSSI Disk..

Holm Tiffe holm at
Mon May 11 02:01:10 CDT 2015

Hi all,

I've got a VAX4000/300 lately to save it from the dumpster.
I've cleaned the machine an powered up. It taked several tries
to get the PSU working stable, it shut off itself the first ~10 tries
but works stable now.
(Yes I know all about forming electrolytic caps but have my own point of
view regarding supplying under voltage to switching psu's)

The machine is doing the Post until the final displayed letter "3" in
the LED Display.

The machine is equipped with 64MB RAM, an KA670, and on the QBUS with the
KZQSA DSSI and the TK70 Controllers and additional am CMD CQD200.
Disks are 2x RF31 one RF71 and a TK70.
I currently have no console device connected to the machine, must crimp a
MMJ cable first..
The Problem ist, that one of the RF31 Disks doesnt go to ready and the
Fault LED lights up.

What can I do to further investigate the Drive fault?
Are DSSI disks starting up themselves after applying Power and ACLO or
has the controller to supply a spindle start command?
re those disks known to have sticking heads sometimes?
I would do some test on the drive w/o the machine since I don't have any
test equipment in the room where the machine now is..

Any hints?

If anyone has a spare RF31 or RF71 (or similar) to sell or additional MS670
memory for an hobbyist price, please mail me. I'm in germany, europe.


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