Oregon Software Pascal (was RE: RT11 / RSTS-E games

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sun May 10 15:45:38 CDT 2015

John wrote....

I'm still looking for Oregon Software Pascal as well...
I said I would look, I did, and it was fruitful.

I have in my hands an original distribution fedex shipping box from Oregon software to my high school (Saint Louis University High) containing:
Oregon Software Pascal-2 Software Development System version 2.1F for RT-11 release package checklist (RN-121, august 1988):
	Installation & Release notes
Oregon Language Letter, Summer 1988, announcing two new compilers (Oregon Modula-2 and Oregon C++)
8 SS/SD RX01 format disks containing P-2 RT-11 v2.1F (original, Oregon software labels, including my high schools site/license number)
Oregon Software Field Report form (4 carbon copy)

Misc Notes of my own from a skim of the above:
The compiler version here runs under RT-11 v5 or later
The compiler can run under XM or SJ monitors
Programs compiled with the compiler can run under FB, BL, SJ, or XM
Minimum requirements: EIS. P-2 uses FPP hardware or simulated floating point software (FIS). Also need 3500 blocks to install, and during compilation about 500 blocks are used for temporary storage. Computers with only flexible disk systems do not have enough storage.

I have no idea if these diskettes are still readable. I know my high school was fastidious about making a copy and then locking the masters away so these disks likely only saw one read. I do know that they used this software extensively, and there may well be other copies of these floppies around here.

I'd love to post images of these diskettes, but I don't know the status of Oregon Software and the IP situation.

So in the interest of completeness, anyone have other RT-11 versions of other Oregon Software's compilers?

I also found original S&H distribution copies of TSX+ v5, v6, and v6.2 (again, stamped with my high schools license number).



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