360/50 microcode listing

jwsmobile jws at jwsss.com
Fri May 8 13:12:35 CDT 2015

On 5/8/2015 8:42 AM, William Donzelli wrote:
> Yes, a thief*would*  come in and steal the things - at least the cards.
> When I was shopping for a building for my collection, I had the scrap metal
> thieves in mind. I am not so worried about it now, as I live at the place
> now and have taken several steps to beef up security, but for a time, my
> fear was that someone would, for example, grab a armful of cards out of a
> Cyber, instantly turning the machine into a chrome donut. Where would I get
> replacements?
I hope that doesn't occur despite you being on the property.  I own a 
house which had a 3 ton A/C unit stolen while the house was occupied.  
If you have an outbuilding I hope it is properly secured to sound an 
alarm, and is physically secure to make entry by casual thieves difficult.


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