ZORK I for PDP-11 -- was: Z-machines for PDP-11 (was Re: RT11 / RSTS-E games)

Zane Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Fri May 8 13:07:09 CDT 2015

On May 8, 2015, at 9:52 AM, Johnny Billquist <bqt at update.uu.se> wrote:

>> Back to my question ... I have heard (read) several times that Infocom
>> released ZORK for PDP-11, but never read  "I have that".
>> Is that software also lost forever?
> I think this is exactly what Ethan Dicks said... :-)
> (Ie. he do have it.)
> 	Johnny

Well, he at least has decompiled source, that can be compiled.

At times I feel like the Infocom version of Zork is like DECnet for RT-11.


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