Plessey PM-D11/SPC-1 backplane documentation needed

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri May 8 10:52:54 CDT 2015

Hi, all, I have a Plessey PM-D11/SPC-1 backplane here, and I'm interested in
finding some documentation for it. I looked online, but couldn't find

This site:

seems to list one, and does apparently 'rent' documentation, but I'm not sure
they're ready to rent something to someone on another continent. (If someone
in Europe can assist in dealing with them, I'd be extremely grateful.)

I do have a manual for the vaguely similar PM-F11/SPC backplane (which I would
be happy to scan promptly if anyone has a need for it; otherwise, it will get
scanned when I obtain a round tuit), and that, plus an ohmmeter, would
probably allow me to eventually figure out the PM-D11, but I figured I'd look
and see if I could save all that work, and put it into something else... :-)


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