RT11 / RSTS-E games

John Many Jars john at yoyodyne-propulsion.net
Fri May 8 08:36:58 CDT 2015

Well, I sure would appreciate anything you guys have got.  I think we
should probably get it all together and put it some place for safe keeping
... and I'd love to play with it and put it on the BBS!

I'd also love to try to help.  Not that I know anything about things like,
er, FORTRAN any more.  I have problems accessing memories from when I was
13 -- 33 years later.

I should do something mad and say -- "I'm going to write a TCP stack for
RSTS/E..."  but I have no idea how to do such a thing.  I should say it
though.  It's more likely than my other dreams, of becoming an astronomer,
or a rock star or novelist.
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