RT11 / RSTS-E games

John Many Jars john at yoyodyne-propulsion.net
Thu May 7 15:34:52 CDT 2015

On 7 May 2015 at 18:07, Jay West <jwest at classiccmp.org> wrote:

> I wish. I had (on RX50) a VERY cool driving game. I would not have thought
> something like that could be done well for an ASCII terminal, but it was
> great. Unfortunately, it loaded off that floppy one time - and the floppy
> has errors there since and can't read it :( I believe it was called

That sucks.  I used to have text mode space invaders for my PDP 11/23
(which was part of some sort of POS system and ran RT11).  It's always sad
when things can't be recovered.   I can't find basic stuff, like the stock
exchange game I played on the ASU PDP-11 back in the day.

> ---
> I'm still looking for Oregon Software Pascal as well...
> ---
> This I may have, will check tonight.

That would be really cool.   That is the language I learned to program
in... well, really programmed in...

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