oddball (XT PC-era?) keyboard - "dejag" etc controls

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Wed May 6 17:53:28 CDT 2015

Rescued a keyboard from the dump earlier which is about the same style/size 
as an IBM model F, only a darker grey color (and not a buckling spring mech).

Layout-wise, there are no F-keys at all, but keys on the numeric keypad are 
labeled things such as 'pan', 'curs', 'local', 'dejag', 'vern', and then 
there are eight status LEDs above the keyboard area (on-line, local, 
interp, busy, pan, cursor, dejag, 2nd).

Does this critter sound familiar to anyone? I didn't see anything at the 
dump that it obviously belonged with, but I may return tomorrow and 
double-check, and knowing what I was looking for might be helpful. Of 
course it's possible that whatever it hooked up to is long-gone, or even 
had already been hauled off from the drop-off area for processing.



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