PS/2 connectors on Sun hardware WAS::::::::::::::Re: Sun SparcStation 4 - Need Help to Hook up cables, & Docs

Jerry Kemp other at
Wed May 6 23:43:48 CDT 2015

On 05/ 3/15 09:36 PM, Mouse wrote:

> I'm fairly sure the SS4 doesn't use PS/2 connectors for anything.
> (Well, unless you have an unusual card in the machine.)  My SS4s are
> not very accessible at the moment, or I'd check, but I'm pretty sure
> none of the pre-SPARC64 machines used PS/2 connectors for anything.
> I would guess you are mistaking the miniDIN-8 connector, used for
> keyboard and mouse, for a PS/2 connector; the shell is the same size,
> but the pin layout is all different.

I would 2nd that comment concerning PS/2 connectors on Sun equipment.

For the most part, Sun went directly from the Sun 8 pin DIN connector to USB 1.1.

I have (personally) only seen a PS/2 connector on one piece of Sun equipment. 
And more specifically, it was the Sun AXi motherboard.  This motherboard shipped 
with both Sun and PS/2 connectors.   I still own a 300 MHz AXi system.  It was 
the first piece of Sparc gear I purchased for myself (at home) brand new.

If there are more Sun items out there that used a PS/2 connector, I would be 
interested to hear about it.


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